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June 4 to 5, 2007

 Dialogue with the Body in Clinical Practice

4th Critical Multicultural Counselling & Psychotherapy

Dr. Rinaldo Walcott, Sociology & Equity Studies, OISE
This conference included a lifetime acheivement award presented to Dr. Marion Woodman.  Paper presentations and experiential workshops were presented in areas of traditional, alternative, and indigenous healing practices were offered, as well as those in holistic psychotherapy and energy healing. Discussions of working with images and symbols in clinical practice were also included.
Many of the experiential workshops drew on the work of C.G. Jung and Marion Woodman.  Keynote presentations were provided by Dr. Colin Feltham (Sheffield Hallam University, UK), and Dr. Glen McCabe (University of Winnipeg). Presentations and workshops included concepts of healing traditions of "BodySoul Rhythms" as developed by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner.

Keynote Speakers


Short biographies of the presenters are available for viewing here. Some keynote presenters are listed below.

Dr. Marion Woodman: LLD, DHL, PhD (Hon), is a Jungian Analyst, teacher and author of The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter; Addiction to Perfection; The Pregnant Virgin; The Ravaged Bridegroom; Leaving My Father’s House; Conscious Femininity; Dancing in the Flames (with Elinor Dickson); Coming Home to Myself (with Jill Mellick); The Maiden King (with Robert Bly); and Bone—Dying Into Life. A visionary in her own right, Marion Woodman has worked with the analytical psychology of C.G. Jung in an original and creative way. She is the Chair of the Marion Woodman Foundation.

Dr. Colin Feltham: A Reader in Counselling at Sheffield Hallam University, UK and former co-editor of the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling.

Read Dr. Feltham's keynote abstract (pdf). See his list of publications.

Dr. Glen McCabe: Dr. McCabe is Aboriginal (Metis) and teaches pre-service counsellors in the Guidance and Counselling Program in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. Dr. McCabe is engaged at the local, regional, national and international levels in his research, presentations and program development. His research and writing on Aboriginal traditional healing is internationally recognized through Honorable Mention in the American Psychological Association’s Jeffrey S. Tanaka Memorial Award and recent publication in Psychotherapy: Theory, Practice, Research and Training. Also, he has been an invitee to summit meetings on Prevention of Youth Suicide in Indigenous Communities in North America in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Vancouver, British Columbia. He sits as a member of the Canadian National Advisory Council on Metis and Off-Reserve Health and Human Resources Development. He is currently engaged in the continuation of research into the importance and meaning of healing individuals and communities from within.

Read Dr. McCabe's keynote abstract (pdf), “The Healing Path: A Community Based and Culture Derived Indigenous Therapy Model."